Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Consumer Behavior Analysis
Scott Gresham
Mary-Lynne Ament

Consumer Behavior Analysis Our country is extremely diverse. We are reminded this every day, especially if we live in metropolitan areas. In Dallas, for instance, it is quite common to be in constant contact with individuals from all corners of the world. Marketers, even in the United States, have to understand how to navigate the different cultural, religious, and social differences when selling products. This challenge is magnified when a marketing team is asked to sell a product abroad. In this type of situation, the social, cultural, and religious challenges are magnified, and what sells well here, might not work near as well in another
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To add fuel to the fire, the one plus that the Iphone boasted in Japan, the App Store, did not take hold either (Kane, Sept). Japanese consumers are very leary of allowing their personal information to be added to their cell phones, and the App Store cannot work without a credit card stored (Kane, Sept). The Iphone was not a failure in Japan, but it was not nearly as successful as Apple assumed it would be. Hong Kong Disneyland The Disney Corporation is thought of as one of the most wholesome and magical companies in America and around the globe. Children of all ages wait with bated breath for new movie offerings by the Disney Corporation. We have Disney Stores in almost every mall in America, and most cable companies offer at least three channels devoted to Disney characters. Most children, and many adults dream of and plan vacations to Disney World, and some families make the trek to the theme park yearly. In addition, many couples plan their weddings at Walt Disney World, and the brides and grooms feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming on this magical day. We all know Disneyworld is a magical place, a place where a kid can be a kid, dreams come true, and we can let loose. Of course, nearly every company has had to deal with some sort of controversy, and The Disney Corporation is not immune to public scrutiny either. In 2005, The Disney Corporation opened a park in China, Hong Kong Disneyland (Bradsher,
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