Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Protocol 1 Anticipatory I have been longing for one sunglass for a long time after I accidently stepped on my old one and broke it. Since summer is on the way, nice and sunny weather has always reminding me to think about consumption. Unfortunately, I am such a picky person that I determined to get the perfect fit only for my special. My criteria are primary focused on the quality, brand, and the style. Probably style can be considered as the most important one because I want everything I possessed to reflect my personal conception. Price is an important but not most significant element for me because I tend not to use budget to restrict my preference. Apparently, around Bellingham area, the only place I can think of
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(Latent want is created of awareness of products potential)
VI. Beliefs expressed or implied by this protocol
More expensive, the better (Generated-Adaptive-Advice to reduce risk)
Guess specialized and is well famous on Sunglasses (Generated-Adaptive- Reputation)
Well known brands are usually guaranteed quality (Generated-Adaptive-Seek Guarantee)
Protocol 3:
VII. Goals Seek
Not to buy that expensive luxury again (Generated-Integrative-economic)
VIII. Wants Expressed
Want some alternatives if time can go back

IX. Beliefs expressed or implied by this protocol
Student shouldn’t buy Luxuries (cognitive dissonance)
It seems like the consumption experience is not rational, at least from my experience. The ideas the buyer hold at the beginning is not what they think during the consumption process and would change eventually at the end. Especially buying an expensive item which requires more consideration would cause great cognitive dissonance at the end. Some buying require active decision making but some are not. During the retrospective process, buyer always has new wants and somewhat discomfort on the decision made. I have some trouble defining the new goal want and beliefs into the scheme on the retrospective stage. In this model, some buyer even thought buy the products, they could still return it in one month to reduce
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