Consumer Behavior Analysis: Perception of Consumption Behaviors as Being Wrong

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Consumer Behavior Ethics Analysis: Perception of Consumption Behaviors As Being Wrong Introduction The ethics of consumer behavior are often contextual and must be evaluated from more than one perspective to be accurate. There are questionably ethical behaviors that consumers engage in that may be substantiated by a series or set of circumstances and also from their own rationalizations (Shiffman, Kanuk, 2010). The alarming levels of obesity in the United States and throughout westernized nations is a case in point, as is the continual growth in throat cancer due to cigarette and cigar smoking. There are also the many implications of heavy alcohol use and abuse in our society, driven by economic uncertainty, anxiety and fear of the future. It has commonly been said that difficult or troubling economic times are good for vice-related product sales as consumers seek to assuage their anxiety with food, smoking and drugs including alcohol (Shiffman, Kanuk, 2010). The intent of this paper is to evaluate a few behaviors that could be considered unethical, and analyze them from the standpoint of how the consumer rationalizes their actions. Analysis of Consumption Behaviors The most prevalent and visible behavior in many western nations today is smoking. While there are many, many studies completed showing the harmful effects of smoking on the body and also the effects of second-hand smoke on innocent bystanders, millions of people still feel the need to smoke
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