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ANALYSIS: In the year 1984, a traveling Austrian man chanced upon an energy drink being produced by an Asian man. The producer specifically belonged to the Thailand region and produced the drink to enhance the energy and concentration levels of blue collared workers. Fascinated by the utility of the product, Dietrich Mateschitz, transported the concept to the European countries and named the product Red Bull. Today, this drink can be easily recognized by its tag line: "Red Bull gives you wings". Twenty Five years ago Red Bull and Mr. Dietrich initiated their attempt at becoming a renowned brand and have successfully achieved that aim on a universal scale by implementing a uniformed marketing strategy. I will briefly mention their…show more content…
This intense working capacity is achieved by consuming this drink and having a longer concentration span. In India, achievement is all about association and power. If you know the right people, you can attain unimaginable levels of success. Thus people consume this drink not only to feel more energized but also to mingle with a crowd that they think can help them attain success. Collectivistic and Individualistic Society: India is a collectivistic country with emphasis on family values and loyalty. Risk and adventure are attributes that Indians seldom possess. Although, Red Bull has organized a Grand Prix in india, that is the only sporting event in the nation in which they have actively shown presence. In contrast, In Britain they conduct events like sky diving, mountain biking, bike racing along with the Grand Prix. The Individualistic culture of the United Kingdom is highly acceptable of these activities and recognizes the brand for it. Their purchases are highly motivated by this. On the contrary, to motivate purchases in India red Bull utilizes student ambassadors in college and also the method of handing out free samples which invariably pleases the crowd. Thus, I would like to conclude that although Red Bull has applied a similar marketing strategy in these two essentially different cultures, the appeal is different in each case. Use of comic script advertisements in a country where there is

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