Consumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the influences they go through to make particular purchasing decisions of products or services available in a market. As a discipline, consumer behavior delves into the dynamics of consumer rationale by evaluating their mindsets on certain items. Therefore, it combines aspects of economics, psychology, marketing and sociology in an attempt to derive a deeper understanding of the behavior of consumers. Moreover, it does not just evaluate the behaviors of individual users; it also seeks to establish the effects of crowding and thus the influences that certain groups of consumers go through. While studying the choices that a single user can make while away from the control of the group, consumer behavior sets a precedence on the study of consumer attributes like demography and behavioral variable with the aim of explaining the origins of the concise needs that customers at times want to fulfill (MSG 2016). Therefore, this study brings in a mix of different disciplines that are used to derive an articulate sense of the rational of consumer decisions and their subsequent effects on the satisfaction of their wants. However, the major focus of the study can be broken down into several secondary niches: mood, affect and emotion; both implicit and explicit attitudes; loyalty, commitment, attachment and trust; social identity; regulatory focus and motivation goals; self-concept and self-presentation; aesthetic issues
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