Consumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer behavior definition
Consumer behavior refers to the behavior of consumers when they buy and consume economic goods and services. The behavior during the purchase of goods consists of, the purchase planning, purchase negotiations, the purchase completion, which still has contractual nature, to post purchase behavior is highly variable (Schiffmann & Wisenblit, 2015, p. 30-32). The consumer is influenced by the different factors such as: culture, family, peer groups, feelings, attitudes, personality and many other components. Therefore the consumer behavior deals with how the consumer buys, how the consumer decides to buy the product, where the consumer buys the product, how the consumer pays for the product and what the consumer uses the product for (Blackwell et al., 2006, p. 4-6).

Postmodern consumer
The postmodernity is a political, scientific and artistic direction which opposed to certain methods, institutions, concepts and basic assumptions of modern capitalism and dissolve it and try to overcome (Cova, 1996, European Management Journal, p. 494-499).
The postmodern consumer can be characterized as follows: Critical of modernity; loss of traditional bonds; radical plurality of society with tolerance and personal freedom; individual independence and self-staging (Source 4: PC, Postmodern Marketing?, Stephan Brown); segmentation of society in a variety of different groups with different, often contradictory ways of thinking and behaviour; fragmentation and
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