Consumer Behavior And Interactive Marketing Report

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Consumer Behavior and Interactive Marketing Report
---Take the KFC in Norwich as an Example

Consumer behavior is closely connected with the interactive market as well as products and services. (Peter, Olson, 2010) This report is aim to develop the KFC restaurant in Norwich strategically by analyzing the consumer behavior and interactive markets. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a global fast food brand from America which is popular for its fried chicken. (Bell, Shelman, 2011) The quantities of KFC stores increased rapidly all over the world and there is large potential to gain profit and expand the market share among fast food restaurants. (Yum Brand Annual Report, 2015) To develop the brand, it is necessary to enlarge the customer base and try to improve consumer satisfaction, acquisition and retention. In this report, KFC restaurant in Norwich is selected as an example to illustrate the theories of consumer behavior and interactive marketing. There are two sections of the report, the first part is analyzing consumer behavior from customer viewpoint. Primarily, the customers and the market segments will be analyzed. Secondly, knowing about their affect and cognition about product and services. Next, evaluating consumer behavior by three aspects of environmental influences. Finally, researching how consumers make decisions. In addition, a digital plan is designed to improve the brand in the second part of the report. The SOSTAC planning framework will be used…
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