Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategy

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Buyer Behaviour

STUDENT NAME: Rajeshkumar Sachani
ID NO: 14095282B
DATE: 13/05/2015

Task A
Que: 1 which strategies action Disney took in term of consumer focused initiatives?
With China anticipated that would turn into one of the world 's biggest tourism destinations, and Hong Kong Disneyland searches set for unavoidable achievement. Hong Kong Disneyland offers immersive, unique Disney experiences for people to enjoy.
Consumer Behavior and Marketing strategy:
For Disneyland Hong Kong, Consumer behavior is the study of people and the process they use to select services and experience for customer satisfaction. Disneyland Hong Kong is aware of the contribution that an understanding of consumer behavior can make to long term success of Disney land.
1. Market Segmentation
Market segmentation helps Disney land to define customer needs and wants more precisely. Main target of Disneyland is Kids and their Family. Disney has identified demographic factor means who is going to buy more of their product, or services and what facility is the best and suitable for Local Culture of Hong Kong.

2. Global Marketing
The Walt Disney Company is continuously expanding their global market. Through their films, parks and resorts, consumer products, and media networks they have gained international recognisability. Disneyland has used effective expansion plan for cover global market. On the other hand Disney land has 5 places for
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