Consumer Behavior And The Digital World

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Consumer Behaviour in a Digital World
Consumer behaviour reflects the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, time & ideas made by decision making units (textbook). It involves many people and many decisions. The digital world significantly impacts consumer behaviours in each stage. It serves customers with more offers and provides them new consumption patterns, which are more fabulous and convenient. To marketers, these changes can be good opportunities but also serious challenges and the same time. Based on these facts, this assignment will introduce the changes and new features of consumer behaviors in the digital world compared with the traditional world; and how marketers should response to these changes in a positive way in order to adapt the digital world better.

The changes of consumer behavior in the digital world
A. Change the Way of How / Where to Acquire / Use / Dispose of an Offering
In the traditional world, the ways that consumers buying new products and dealing with old belongings are limited. However, the Internet has broken the limitation by sharing information world widely. Customers prefer shopping online because of the convenience and cheaper prices. In the old days, when people want to get rid of their old stuff, they used to throw away / donate it, or deal it with the people they know. But now, they can put them on line, people who interested in their items will get in touch with them. Due to the ease of acquisition
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