Consumer Behavior (Argentina) Essay

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Argentina is the 2nd largest South American and Latin-American region. With a population of just over 40 million people, the Spanish speaking country has multiple aspects of consumer behavior that influence the way that people spend.
Marketing in Argentina is communicated in ways very similar to the United States. Radio and television are large factors in how marketers reach consumers in Argentina. There are 170 AM radio stations and 2000 FM radio stations in Argentina with about twelve million radio sets in use and 46 television broadcasting stations with some eight million TV sets in use. Although the marketing tactics are similar they are not as widespread as they are in the US. To put it into perspective there are roughly
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With a 37.2% GDP increase the economy found itself expanding, consolidating, and becoming more multinational. Consumers were well off and becoming wealthier as the GDP rose from 1991 to 1998. They experienced a great deal of product differentiation ranging from new types of products, to better quality of products, and more expensive products. However, in 1998 this all had to change because of a 7% decrease in GDP over the next year. During this time consumers had to learn how to focus their spending on sub-brands and discounted offers to save money. Marketers and businesses had to adjust also by switching their focus from product differentiation to cost-cutting strategies. Between 1998 and 2000 there was an increase of 36% percent in the number of retail stores in the country but a fall of 23% in sales. This statistic shows how tough of a time that both consumers and businesses had to adjust to in order to try to slow down the economic regression.
There are many different cohorts or marketing that could be used to look at the spending during the economic recession. Things such as age and income are two main cohorts that are often times looked at my marketers to determine the best way to supply products. Location is another large influence of the way that sales are determined. Certain geographical areas of Argentina were experiencing more growth than others following the recession of the late 1990’s. Argentina is broken into
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