Consumer Behavior Aspects of Ahmad Tea

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Introduction Ahmad Tea is a London-based tea company that markets its teas around the world. The company has adopted premium positioning in the marketplace, focused around the strength of the Ahmad brand (, 2012). This paper will focus on the consumer behaviour aspects of the Ahmad business. Consumer behavior describes how consumers react to brands and specific marketing tactics. In the tea industry, consumers tend to be regular consumers and have high brand loyalty. There are a number of individual buyer factors that will be discussed in this paper. Internal influences on buyer behaviour Internal factors refer to the consumer's ability to benefit from the product (Callahan, 2012). The consumer of tea seeks relaxation, caffeine and a good taste. Individual tastes vary, so tea brands will typically offer a number of varieties. Consumers of tea also benefit from brand image premium brands are associated with elevated status, especially in the developing world where one's ability to pay for more expensive tea is seen as prestigious. Ahmad seeks to deliver a premium tea experience that consumers will pay extra for because they believe they are giving themselves extra benefit. External influences on buyer behaviour There are a number of factors external to the individual that influence buyer behavior. Callahan (2012) notes that these include cultural values, advertising, trends and branding. Ahmad has worked extensively to build the image of its brand so that

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