Consumer Behavior : Avatar the Movie

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Executive summary

This report analyses the reasons behind the success of the movie Avatar. Focusing on elements of consumer behavior, which led to a mass following of the movie worldwide. An analysis will be undertaken and recommendations will be given for the industry and future releases.

Table of Contents

1.IntroductionPage 4

2. Consumer Identity Page 5
2.1 Consumer decision process Page 5
2.2 Self Esteem Page 6
2.3 Virtual Identity Page 7
2.4 Sexual Identity Page 8

3. Culture Page 9
3.1 Avatar’s Culture Page 9
3.2 Past and contemporary culture Page 9
3.3 New Cultures, New Consumption Page 10

4. Motivations and Value Page 11
3.3 Needs Wants and Motives Page 11
3.3 Desire and involvement Page 12

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The cinema has always been a low involvement purchase but with avatar the hype surrounding the movie and the fact that it sold out in many cities around the world made the purchase rather high involvement because of the amount of information and research certain consumers did on the film.
The post Purchasing stage of the movie is very important as this determines whether the information transferred to other consumers, who are at the early stages of the decision process, is positive or not. The reviews from Avatar were amazing and even industry experts rated the movie very high. The Cognitive Dissonance concept, which is based on a consumer having second thoughts on the purchase, made the movie even more known as this created extensive debates between contempt individuals and critics. This provided free viral communication through the Internet and word of mouth.

2.2 Self esteem

The fact that the hero in avatar is at first handicapped and has to fight his way to success will automatically relate to peoples’ self esteem. Someone with a low self-esteem will be able to externalize himself or herself and feel the success of the character as their own. The Avatar trailer clearly shows the happiness of the character and the feel good factor that the movie will procure. People with High Self esteem and accomplished lives will be able to relate to the events of the movie in their own way and feel
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