Consumer Behavior Challenge

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Consumer Behavior Challenge Introduction According to Case One: Sign Up for the Internet, Get a Free Netbook, the deal is did not go so well in the United States years ago. Why? Well it appears that the marketing was weak and possibly the timing was off in selling this marketing strategy. However, before putting this plan back in action in the U.S in regards to the netbook, HP would need to re-examine the market in order to see what factors people would consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a new netbook bundled with a wireless service contract. There are many factors that do stand in the way for the consumer but it is up to HP to try and find what these obstacles or issues could be in order to market the netbook in the U.S so that it can be a successful sale. However, there are challenges or consumer behavior issues that HP could face when trying to introduce this marketing strategy (Luchs, 2012). HP would need to understand that as the purchasing behaviors of customers change, so do the marketing methods businesses utilize to sell their merchandises. To provide consumers products they desire, HP will have to be able to recognize what issues are having an influence customers to buy. With that said, this paper will discuss marketing ethics and social responsibility as the implications this issue or challenge may have within the HP organization in being able to market the HP netbook in the United States. Case One: Sign Up for the Internet Get a Free
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