Consumer Behavior Impacts Consumers And Purchase Copycat Products

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2c) Consumer behavior impacts consumers to purchase copycat products over the original through five decision process. The first step is need recognition. Need recognition occurs when consumers identify a need and thinks of a product that might meet this need. This is when marketers help consumers think from their present status to their preferred status. The second step is information search. This is when consumers seek information on their product. Consumers will use the information collected and his perception or image of a brand to establish a set of evaluation criteria, desirable or wanted features, classify the different products available and evaluate which alternative has the most chance to satisfy him. This relates to consumers buying copy cats as its cheaper and similar to the original. The third step is the evaluation of alternatives. Consumers will evaluate and differentiate alternatives to find which is the most suitable to his needs and choose the one he thinks it’s best for him. The consumer will evaluate their attributes on two aspects. The features and functionality of the product but also the perception and perceived value of the brand by the consumer or its reputation. An example may be that a consumer intends to buy a bottle of tomato sauce. There are many different brands and prices. But all tomato sauce taste and look the same. This is how copy cats attract consumers by being cheaper. As purchasing tomato sauce is a routine, consumer

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