Consumer Behavior : Insight Brief

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MG103 Consumer Behaviour — Insight Brief LSE ID Number: 201441431 Word count: 1,052 Coca-Cola is a well-established brand which is famous for its carbonated soft drinks. Almost everyone has heard or tried its products and many people may consider coke as their first choice when choosing a beverage. In order to further ignite people’s passion in Coca-Cola’s products and link the brand to positive associations, Coca-Cola had launched a campaign called “Share a Coke” in more than 80 countries, which was debuted in Australia during the summer of 2011 (Moye, 2015). The highlight of this campaign is that consumers could buy a personalized coke with their names on the packaging. The logo of Coca-Cola is replaced by popular names or other…show more content…
The main reasons for the campaign’s success are that it effectively attracts consumers’ attention and persuades them to buy the product. Firstly, attention of consumers will be discussed. Consumers’ attentions are usually limited, selective and can be divided. However, as long as marketers are able to create stimuli that are personally relevant, pleasant, surprising and easy to process, they can have the consumers’ attention (Kappes, 2015). Since Coca-Cola’s campaign had succeeded in meeting some of the above requirements, it is rather attention-grabbing. The products that Coca-Cola lunched during the campaign were personally relevant as there are personalized names and messages on the packaging. This was appealing to consumers since this feature makes buyers to feel that they are purchasing personalized products, which produced a sense of ownership towards the cokes; it was likely that the consumer may turn the thought into reality, that is to buy the Coca-Cola’s products. Other than creating the stimuli of personal relevance, the campaign also produced the surprising stimuli.Most consumers do not expect to receive personalized drinks with their own names on it. It is something new to have such design and thus consumer may feel surprised. Furthermore, Coca-Cola also released some labeling with special or humorous messages, for instance BFF, no one and
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