Consumer Behavior Models: Vesla Technology

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Consumer Behaviour Models
According to Chand (2016), consumer behavior could be referred as a kind of study of how individuals, groups, or organizations choose, purchase, utilize and manipulate for goods, services, and ideas to fulfill their personal’s wants and needs. Due to this statement, Jaideep (2016) mentioned that consumer behavior was considered important because it helps marketers to understand well about the reasons for a consumer to purchase particular goods or services and also find out the best way to present the goods or services to their customers in the marketplace. Therefore, Vesla Technology must create a customer profile which including consumer behavior models or theories as a basis of the profile in order to know well about their customers and come out with the best way to
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According to Saraswathi (2010), psychoanalytic model was an association of two words which were “psychology” and “analyses”. Besides that, this model strongly suggested that human needs or desires will operate on their buying behavior. Due to the developer of this model (Sigmund Fruend), a human personality was developed from the interplay among what he posed as three basic structures of the human mind (Vikram, 2013). As an outcome, the three basic structures were id, ego, and superego. For an example, a consumer will go through few consideration stages in their mind before they make decision whether to buy a thing or not. Firstly, a consumer will follow with their needs or desire which they will say “I want to buy it!” After that, they will make some consideration in whether the product or services is worth for them or not. Lastly, the final decision will be make by them which they will consume for the product or services if it really useful to them and not to consume the product if it is not really useful to
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