Consumer Behavior : What Affect Does It Have Potentially On A Community?

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Consumer Behavior Analysis
Consumer Behavior can be described in many ways. How does one describe it and just what affect does it have potentially on a community? One can imagine the positive or adverse effects it may have personally or with consumers, however, marketers know that value is the key in order to reach consumers. Our textbook provided the following focus; it states; “This chapter focuses on precisely how the value a consumer obtains from a purchase or consumption act varies based on the context in which the act takes place. Situational influences are the team that captures these contextual effects…” (Babin/Harris, Page 227) As the discussion continues on Consumer Behavior the following subjects of decision making, psychological variables, social and purchase influence, buying patterns, post-recession consumer and changes will be examined and applied to personal purchasing habits.
Decision Making Purchase – No 1
The following is the first purchase example from a journal assignment; Purchased three (3) bottles of Body Wash and two (2) bottles of mist from Bath and Body, located at Rivertown Crossings during the lunch hour. This was an intentional purchase; coupons were used to lower the cost so the desired state was in progress.
To further illustrate this, “Desired states can be affected by many factors, including reference group information, consumer novelty seeking, and cognitive thought processes.” (Babin/Harris, Page 256) The…
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