Consumer Behavior and Purchase Decisions of the Consumer Group of Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomers Consumer Group: As part of their means of segmenting consumers, marketers and the media have usually demonstrated some bias for the individuals' life stage and demographics. The main reason for the use of these factors to segment consumers is because the economic, cultural, and age-specific characteristics have a significant influence on the consumer's behaviors and their purchase decisions. However, life stage does not necessarily cover for the entire reason that influences a person's behavior and purchase decisions. This is mainly because the way with which an individual lives his/her life is also a major contributing factor to their purchase decision and behaviors. Different Facets of Baby Boomers Consumer Group: The baby boomers consumer group is a generation with an important historic component with a strong spirit. This consumer group is largely regarded as the generation of movers and shakers that has experienced significant changes in the past five decades ("Baby Boomer Lifestyle Traits & Trends", 2006). The baby boomers are also inventors, visionaries, and innovators, who have established the social awareness to the mainstream through inventing personal computers, the Internet, and mobile communications. One of the major facets of this consumer group is that they have matured on the basis of social upheaval, increase of mass marketing, consumerism, and the extension of various forms of communication. Secondly, most of these people have

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