Consumer Behavior in Malaysia: Electric Vehicle Case Study

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Consumer Behavior in Malaysia: The Electric Vehicle Consumer Behavior is the physical and psychological exercise that a consumer undergoes every time he/she is making a purchasing decision. This exercise generally involves the process of recognizing one's needs, determining how to resolve those needs, what product and which brand would help achieve the maximum satisfaction in terms of those needs and how that product fits in with other factors influencing the individual consumer along with comparing it with any alternatives available (Deighton, 2011). There are a number of factors influencing consumer behavior and most of them have to do with the environment and culture that surrounds the consumer, since these factors play a vital role in shaping an individual's thoughts, beliefs, attitude etc. When making a choice of what to purchase, consumers will always be affected by how that product would reflect upon their self-image. Often consumers seek to imitate those whom they admire, and purchase the same brand as that person. This habit is generally used by marketing managers in marketing strategies for high-end products. Other factors, such as beliefs and attitudes also have an impact on the buying decisions that an individual makes. Customer possesses specific belief and attitude towards various products. This belief affects whether they will buy and further endorse the product or not. Instead, will they condemn it? Beliefs and attitude have a lot to do with how the
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