Consumer Behavior of Pizza Hut

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Executive Summary
Pizza hut is the multinational company which is operating in United States, Philippines, Malaysia and many others countries. Pizza Hut (corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc.) is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread. Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (The world's largest restaurant company) with approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery/carry-out locations, and kiosks in 100 countries.
First, during the past four decades Pizza Hut has built a reputation for excellence that has earned the respect of consumers and industry experts alike. Building a leading pizza company
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Until now, Pizza Hut was operates about 34,001 restaurants in around 100 countries and since then they've become the biggest Pizza Company in the world. Mission of Pizza Hut is to take pride in making a perfect pizza and providing courteous and helpful service on time, all the time. Every customer says, "I'll be back! According to 2011 Global Franchise Rankings, Pizza Hut is located under rank 11 against other franchise company. According to Top 10 Fast Food Franchises, Pizza Hut is ranked under number 3 which is involved in Top 5 of overall ranking.
Target Market Segment and Consumer Analysis
Market Segmentation (A) Geographic
Geographic segmentation of Pizza Hut is worldwide. Now Pizza Hut is serving more than 80 countries including Malaysia, UK, USA, Algeria, India, Russia, Cyprus, China, and Bangladesh and so on. But we will only talk about Pizza Hut in Malaysia. Pizza Hut is available in all states in Malaysia which is also even including 14 Pizza Hut outlets in Sabah and 12 more in Sarawak. (B) Demographic
Pizza Hut’s general market segment is younger generation. They segment high incomes and business class families which can spend money on the best pizzas in the market. Pizza Hut’s global slogan is also describing its market segmentation that is “Now it’s time to eat more”. Main age group is 12-30 years. Pizza Hut Malaysia’s offers Halal foods to all its customers. (C) Psychographic
Pizza Hut’s

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