Consumer Behavior on Impulsive Behavior: A Study

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Consumer Behavior on Impulsive Behavior 1) Introduction Impulsiveness may be of the individual, but could be based on the social and cultural environment. The consumption decisions have thus social and cultural motives. (Ratneshwar; et al, 140) The compulsive consumption can be seen as an irresistible urge to consume something or purchase something without a rationale behind the purchase. Such a purchase may not have logic behind it. The purchases can be made because others buy the goods although the individual may have no need of it, or may be illogical to the extreme like betting salaries on a race horse without thought. (Hoyer; Macinnis, 472) There is thus a psychological component in the compulsive buying. Compulsive consumption is thus an unstoppable set of behavior that induces a series of purchases that is not planned or even needed. The impulsive buying is slightly different but for the compulsive buyer or consumer and the impulsive buyer the underlying causes are the same. Both are based on emotional states and impulsive consumption is a part of compulsive consumption with slight subtle differences that are hard to notice. The compulsive buyer actually cannot recount why he purchased something. There is always an emotional tangle. (Hoyer; Macinnis, 472) Impulses are also the same and acting on an impulse is akin to becoming automated with compulsion. 2) Why Does Impulsive Consumption Occur? Consumption is a psychological way of self-authentication and
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