Consumer Behavior vs. Motivation

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Consumer Behavior vs. Motivation Question: Consumers have rational motives and emotional motives when making purchasing decisions. Explain using examples and marketing knowledge, how consumers prioritize there consumption behavior of goods and services & any relevant manifest and latent motives behind such purchasing. Dhananji P. Jayasinghe 00000174 MKT 3050 Consumers always make their purchasing decisions based on their motives. When discussing this question, it can be divided into different sections. Such as what is consumer behavior and purchasing decision, what is motivation and motivation process, what are rational motives and emotional motives, how rational motives and emotional motives involves when making a purchase…show more content…
On the other hand, people who are most likely to make purchase decisions based on their emotional motives can be considered as the people who has a high income level or high class people (a successful businessmen). In other words, this type of consumers will not think about their income level, efficiency in operations and etc, since the most important factors for them are social status, pride, satisfy a sense, acceptance, curiosity and etc are the reasons that they try to fulfill by purchasing a good or service. For example, a person who has a high income level will consider buying branded, expensive goods or services rather than buying the same thing for a lesser price from an unbranded and inexpensive place. When consumers prioritize their consumption behavior for goods and services, the latent and manifest motives plays a big role in their minds as much as the rational and emotional motives. Latent motives are motives that are either unknown to the individual or that the individual is reluctant to admit to. And manifest motives are motives that are known and freely admitted by the individual. By looking at this diagram below it is visible that no matter whether it is a rational motive or emotional motive that a consumer is in, latent motive and manifest motive always plays a big role in their minds when making a decision. Example for latent and manifest motives: Nevertheless, Dr. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of

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