Consumer Behaviour And Their Influence On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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The consumer behaviour is the study of how an individual decides to purchase a product over the other, and the underlying factors that mold such behaviour. There are a number of incredibly complex external and internal influences affecting consumer buying behaviour. The key influences comprise of cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. It is critical to examine these influences facing consumer behaviour, and explore how customers think about, and behave towards the company, and its market offerings to design them in a way that is attractive from the perspective of these influential factors.
Cultural factors
When a consumer decides to buy a product, they are influenced by marketing stimuli - that being, the marketing mix
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Additionally, each culture consists of several smaller subcultures. These subcultures are groups of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations (Claessens, 2015). They can be divided into nationalities, regions, political affiliations, sexual preferences, but also geographic regions.
Global marketers must be fully aware of the cultures and subcultures in each market and take appropriate marketing measures (Armstrong et al. 2015, 138). For example, society today is becoming increasingly conscious about going green, using organic, eco-friendly and ethical products with socially responsible practices, and therefore the cosmetic niche market has had an increase in demand for natural products (Fiorletta, 2015). Lush is completely committed to provided natural fresh organic products which are free from chemicals. Moreover, consumers are increasingly focused about the environmental impacts and footprints left by companies. Lush as a result, holds a strong stance on socially responsible practices and advocating for many issues across the spectrums of environmental sustainability, animal welfare and human rights.
A buyer’s social class often plays an important role in his/her conumer buying behaviour. Almost every society has some permanent division, hierarchy or social class structure (Armstrong et al. 2015, 139). Social class is an important influencial factor as it determines what the consumer’s repsonse
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