Essay about Consumer Behaviour: Case Example of Loreal

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Consumer Behaviour

For a product or service of your choice select a print or broadcast advertisement or campaign. Using appropriate theories and modules explain how your chosen marketing communication seeks to influence consumer behaviour. 1. Knowledge and understanding of psychological core: attention, perception, motivation, learning, attitude, and memory. 2. Knowledge and understanding of consumer culture: social class, household influences, personality, lifestyle, values and social influences. 3. Knowledge and understanding of the consumer decision making process

L’Oreal is the world largest cosmetics and beauty organisation, which is headquartered in Paris, France. L’Oreal has developed
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(Solomon M. et. al., 2002, p. 38)

Attention is the degree to which consumer focus on stimuli within their range of exposure. Because consumers are exposed to so many advertising stimuli, marketers are becoming increasingly creative in their attempts to gain attention for their products. Without attention given to a stimulus, little perception will take place. People give their attention largely to those things which are novel, interesting or from which they derive satisfaction of needs and wants.
Some advertisers have taken to printing part of their ads upside down to get the reader attention. Perhaps reflecting advertising newsletter noted, “I find people do not like to work at reading their ads! Americans do not like it. There is a disorienting aspect they find uncomfortable. The English, on the other hand, like it.” (Stuart Elliott, cited New York Times, 1992)

Size and colour differences are also powerful ways to achieve a lot of attention. Black, white and red colours in the advert are quite noticeable, as is a block of printed type surrounded by large amounts of white and red space.

By choosing the most famous mane to good use, the Girls Aloud beauty star in this advert has gained many attentions from people around the UK. As Elvive Full Restore 5 from L’Oreal is the first hair care range that targets British women’s hair issue. Cheryl’s striking beauty and much admired hair makes

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