Consumer Behaviour Case Study

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Key Issues in the Case


Secondary Issues in the Case 4.0
Links with Consumer Behaviour Theories 5.0
Answers to the Questions in the Case 6.0 Conclusions Bibliography


Behavior Case Study iSnack 2.0 : It looked good on paper…

Introduction In 2009, Kraft foods and Vegemite undertook a product line extension and significant public and interactive campaign to incite consumers to name the new brand of vegemite that was developed under their specifications and preferences. Throughout
Australia and New
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Secondary Issues in the Case As stated above, Kraft had a lack of connection to consumers and consumer trends which lead to the decline in sales for isnack 2.0. The lack of connection with consumers came from the poor entrepreneurial drive that kraft offered which therefore lead to the lack innovation of isnack 2.0. Pros and cons of using social media to ask consumers what they want the product named : The campaign "Name me" was not the issue, the issue was how Kraft responded and interpreted the information that was given to them by the public which lead to the decrease in sales.
● Allows for consumers to have a say on new product
● More chance of the consumers liking the product due to their involvement
● Kraft is able to revolve their product more around exactly what consumers want Cons
● Kraft had the possibility to cop a lot of negative comments towards the products

● Potential consumers could just donkey vote for a name, leading Kraft to think that people actually like name that's a bit of a joke

Another issue that relates to isnack 2.0 is salience, which means even though they changed the name to cheesy mite consumers will still be under
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