Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Selective Perception, Perceived Quality and Perceived Risk in Relation to Two Premium Male Colognes

Student Names: Leslie Munir Osman Tamara Mostagousul Haque
Unit Code: MKW2402
Tutor’s Name: Ms. Ghazala Khan
Lecturer’s Name: Ms. Ghazala Khan
Date of Submission: 09.04.2008
Word Count: 1009

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Table of Contents 1
Abstract 2
1.1 Introduction 3
1.2 Selective Perception 3
1.3 Perceived Quality 4
1.4 Perceived Risk 5
1.5 Conclusion 6
References 7
Appendix I- Picture of Christian Dior Fahrenheit 9
Appendix II- Advertisement of Christian Dior Fahrenheit 10
Appendix III- Advertisement
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Red symbolises ‘hotness’, which is striking to men. Furthermore, as can be seen from the Fahrenheit advertisement, which is also a variable of stimuli (Appendix II), it is connoting the sunset where the cologne blends in, with a man looking on. It can thus also be recognized as a cologne for the evening for an ‘outdoorsy’ man. Christian Dior is an established and renowned brand from which consumers expect high end colognes with fragrant scents. Thereby consumers would expect Fahrenheit to meet their expectations, and have looking at the figure of sale in the first quarter of its introduction. If consumers were seeking a cologne for the outdoors, as well as seeming attractive to the opposite sex, they would opt for this cologne. Often, earlier experience with the cologne could also stimulate consumers to repeat the purchase, especially if the cologne seemed to meet expectations. Experience can affect both the qualities which are perceived when an odour is smelled and, relatedly, its judged similarity and discriminability from other odours (Case, Stevenson & Dempsey, 2004).

As for Boss by Hugo Boss, scrutinizing the advertisement (Appendix III), the bottle and hence the cologne is perceived to be of a masculine temperament, especially from the image of a male model in a suit. If the needs of the customer are a masculine scent as well as a cologne representing an elegant, manly nature,
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