Consumer Behaviour

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The process of consumer decision making has 3 stages: input stage, process stage and output stage.
The input stage influences the consumer’s recognition of a product need and consists of 2 major sources of information: 1) the company’s marketing efforts (product, price, promotion and price) and the external sociological influences on the consumer (family, friends, neighbours other informal and non-commercial sources, social class and cultural and subcultural memberships). The firm’s marketing activities are a direct attempt to reach, inform, and persuade consumers to buy and use its products. The marketing mix consist of the product itself including the package, size, and guarantees; mass media
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In research shows, women and men have big difference to shopping response. Men do not like it.
It is found search external effort on purchase differs in product categories. the external search effort was greatest for consumers who had the least amt of product category knowledge. It follows that the less consumers know abt a product category and the more important the purchase is to them, the more time they will make available and the more extensive their prepurchase search activity is likely to be. Conversely, research studies hv indicated that consumers high in subject knowledge rely on their own evaluations than on dealer recommendations.
It is also impact to point that the internet has had great impact on prepurchase search, rather than visiting a store to find out about a product.
Evaluation of Alternatives
When evaluating potential alternatives, consumers tend to use 2 types of information: (i) a “list” of brands or models from which they plan to make their selection (the evoked set) and (ii) the criteria they will use to evaluate each brand or model. Evoked set (consideration set) refers to the specific brands or models a consumer considers in making a purchase within a particular product category. Inept set consists of brands or models the consumer excludes from purchase consideration because they are felt to be unacceptable or inferior. Inert set are brands or models the consumer is indifferent toward because they are

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