Consumer Behaviour

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EXC2112 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Case: Wii´s Success CASE ONE: NINTENDO WII'S SUCCESS Q1: What consumer needs are driving the success of the market adoption of Nintendo Wii? Consider the innate and acquired needs. Innate needs are 'biogenic' or 'physiological needs' which refer to needs such as air, food water, shelter, clothing etc. While acquired needs are those we learn from our culture and surroundings, also known as 'psychological' or 'psychogenic needs' i.e. affection, power, learning, prestige and self-esteem. Nintendo Wii is a home video game console, which competes its way with Microsoft's XBox360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Nintendo aim is to target a broader demographic than the other two. Nintendo took the craze of playing…show more content…
Even though these are considered secondary needs, but they are as much as important as the innate or necessary needs. 'Achievers' seek to excel and value continuous recognition of how well they are doing. Playing Wii games is an advanced way to make the user feel a sense of achievement in a way that first it attracts the user to play, thrive to win and when one does the user walks out with a feeling of success and achievement. Then there are the 'affiliation seekers' who look for company and relationships. Such a 'psychological need' is essential for an individual, both for those who are outgoing and like to mingle, and for those who are shy or believe in close network. Nintendo games help people connect and value relationships. It's an effective way not only for kids but also for adults, parents, workers etc. basically everyone. Who wouldn’t want to have few moments of joy? Weekends could be made colourful and relaxing. Wii games help put life into a boring day or company. Basically it suits all sorts of people and their psyche. For those who are 'power seekers' Wii games help them take control and achieve higher goals by challenging themselves. Q2: On the basis of the market success of the Nintendo Wii, explain the importance of understanding customer needs and motivation in new product adoption? As discussed in the answer to question1, importance of consumer needs in a product's market success is of immense
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