Consumer Behaviour Project Report on Olpers Milk

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| Consumer Behavior’s Project |
|Spring 2008 |
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Engro is derived from the company logo of" Energy for Growth”. Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (ECPL) is a Pakistani manufacturing and marketing company with its production based in Daharki (Sindh), Karachi and a new plant at Sahiwal. It is included in stock exchanges of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

During the past decade it has diversified its business and now owns subsidiary companies like Engro Foods Limited and Engro Energy Limited. It is considered
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The energy produced will be sold to the single buyer, National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC), on the basis of a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement.

The product

Engro is a marketing and production giant. That is why it has focused its operations to the larger segments like fertilizers to an agriculture based society, better food to an uncompetitive market and energy to a crisis facing economy. Engro entered the food market with milk processing and sale.

The launch of Engro Foods in early 2006 was a blast. Its Olpers brand of tetra packed milk caught the attention of masses. The company’s massive marketing campaign positioned Olpers as a premium quality and pure milk which can be bought and used everywhere, anytime. The company attracted its target market (the A class, as said by the executives) by projecting Olpers as all-purpose, healthy and high standard milk.

The product that we have chosen for our project is the Olpers brand of tetra-packed milk. The name “Olpers” has been derived from the company’s intention to position its product as “all-purpose” milk. So the intention was not to target a small segment but a whole social class. The advertisement campaign was marvelous which caught attention almost instantly. After having a short interview with the executives and gathering some primary information, “Olpers” a subsidiary of Engro Chemicals Pakistan was chosen for our project of consumer
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