Consumer Behaviour Report: Biscuits

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Introduction: This report outlines and analyses the consumer decision process encountered when purchasing biscuits in relation to primary market research completed targeting one particular demographic of the possible market. The purpose of market research is to ensure that a businesses focus is on producing a product that meets the needs and wants of consumers, therefore it is essential to identify a potential target market and create a product that is able to be successful at all stages of the consumer decision cycle (Armstrong, Adam, Denize, Kotler, 2010, pp. 74-146). The report will explore the effects within the biscuit industry of various external factors influencing their products. Political and legal regulations, socio-cultural…show more content…
The individual interviewed found that she only looked at biscuit information on the packaging in the supermarket, and for her to purchase a new product the packaging had to entice her with something that she didn’t get from her previously preferred choices. She only considers brand named biscuits in particular Arnotts biscuits as generic brands did not provide her with appropriate packaging or good past experiences. When evaluating her purchases in step three the most important factors were freshness, packaging and past experiences with cost being insignificant. These notions are important to all aspects and points of the decision as she finds that when identifying the need to purchase biscuits she is motivated by the recognizable taste of specific biscuits and the satisfaction of the taste. After evaluating options, the next step is purchasing the product. The interviewed individual only purchases from either Woolworths or Coles due to the high turnover of products within the large supermarkets and the higher chance of fresh products. In-store promotions are not necessarily a major influence on her decision unless there is a sale on a reliable product. Lastly, the post purchase evaluation found that the individual would usually purchase Arnotts biscuits as they live up to her expectations in both
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