Consumer Behaviour Report for: Vertu “Life. Beautifully Arranged”

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Consumer Behaviour Report for: VERTU “Life. Beautifully Arranged”


Table of Content:

1. Summary

2. Research

3. Target DMP 3.1 Situation & influences 3.2 Information Search 3.3 Evaluation & Post-purchase

4. Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour 4.1 Store image & Service scape 4.2. Values & Behaviour 4.3 Values impact on choice & decision-making
4.4. Social class & lifestyle
4.5. Self-image & Culture

5. Conclusion

6. Recommendations

1.Brief Summary:

Vertu is a subsidiary to Nokia and its most profitable unit (Sanderson, 2006). Vertu is taking a unique approach to that of the technology-obsessed mobile-telephone industry. Its concept is based on craftsmanship
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Uniqueness and price attained equal portions of preferences among subjects, and interest in Vertu was overall quite low (e.g. when asked if they were likely to consider Vertu as an alternative when aiming to purchase a mobile phone).

Discussion & Limitations
The procedure and selection process has its limitations thus weakening the validity of the survey. First, the participants were not fully randomly selected since all were from the researchers (my) network of contacts and friends, hence, risk for biases (e.g. response bias). In addition, those who received the questions in bars may have been inebriated while answering the questions. Thus parts of the process were not adequately and seriously done. On the other hand, despite risk for some unethical issues, the questions were distributed in a ‘real world’ setting- in the midst of the targets lifestyles- which at least might be more relaxed for the participants, and may giving us a closer insight to targets values- than if the participant would do the survey on the street in a hurry, or in a artificial laboratory setting. Based on the result from the questionnaire, in advantage of Vertu, subjects preferred quality, design, technical features and in some sense the value of purchase unique things. However, to the disadvantage of Vertu the subjects were slightly price conscious and did not consider

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