Consumer Behaviour Short Report - Selective Attention & How It Affects Consumers

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Introduction The purpose of this short report is to discuss the selective attention process and further to that discuss how it affects consumers. Every decision a consumer makes, whether to purchase or not, will be influenced by a number of factors. Consumers today experience a wide variety of messages (stimuli) from marketers across many different mediums. It is the consumers’ ability to decide whether to accept or reject which messages resonate with them according to their own needs, wants and other lifestyle factors that form the basis for selective attention. In particular Avery & Baker’s explanation of the late selection theory of selective attention allows consumers to make decisions of selection or rejection of stimuli…show more content…
Telstra can be seen to be a leader or authority within the marketplace as the original incumbent in this industry from pre-competition days. SingTel Optus offer the use of animals and the “Optus Zoo” to create a fun family-based approach. Hutchison 3 offer consumers with stimuli that is very relaxed and price conscious; while Vodafone very much create a ‘tribal’ feeling of excitement and youth. The examples below show first the company’s primary logo followed by an example of their Internet homepage[iv] Telstra SingTel Optus Hutchison 3 Vodafone Consumers who align closely to the above personality traits may ignore stimuli automatically that do not address their interests; rather they will be drawn to stimuli that they identify with more closely. For example a Telstra customer may not be attracted to stimuli generated by Hutchison 3 as they offer a more relaxed and modern approach to their Internet homepage with large images and a light amount of detailed information. Telstra on the other hand may not appeal to a Hutchison 3 customer as their homepage is heavily detailed with a lot of information. Another element of
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