Consumer Behaviour and Perception Essay

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2.0 CONTENTS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND PERCEPTION 2.1 WHAT IS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR? It is necessary to understand consumer behaviour; this is based on the activities leading to the acquisition and use of goods or services, including decision-making processes that determine a purchase. In this process the consumer performs actions such as search, purchase, use and evaluation of products expected to be used to meet their needs (Solomon Michael, 2007). The activities, processes and social relations to which reference has been made include various actions of the consumer: knowledge of a need, when you make a comparison between stores, the simple reasoning of information that are available in regard to the benefits and risks of the desired…show more content…
It is important to analyse each group to determine their specific behaviour and thus guide strategies to stimulate product sales (Afizah Hashim, 2009 ). CULTURE: It represents the knowledge, beliefs, values, art, morals, laws, customs and habits acquired by people as members of a society (Hawkins, 2006). Culture influences the thought processes and behaviour of the individual, culture is acquired, lives there. Due to the change of technology over time and interaction with other customs, culture has caused to undertake changes, so the individual has had to change their behaviour to adapt to new cultures. Within a culture there are subcultures, which consist of groups that coexist within a culture, taking habits, customs, etc., of the host culture, while providing the habits and customs of their own culture. For example, in the U. S. subcultures such as Hispanics, Asians and blacks are very clear identified. INCOME AND SOCIAL CLASS: Social classes are relatively permanent and homogeneous divisions in a society in which individuals share lifestyles and similar behaviours. The social status is not determined exclusively by income, other factors are also important, such as education, profession, place of residence, social group, friends and forms of entertainment, among others. SOCIAL GROUP: social group can be viewed as a set of people who have a sense of empathy resulting from a mode of interaction
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