Consumer Behaviour and the Surf Wear Industry

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2008, p 157) Perceptual mapping is event because of the in depth description of the consumer counter culture given in the case study. • ‘A social system is a physical, social or cultural environment to which people belong and within which they function.’ (Schiffman et al. 2008 p 504) The surf culture is therefore a social system, as depicted by their annexed culture. • ‘Reference groups are groups that serve as frames of reference for individuals in their purchase or consumption decisions’ (Schiffman et al. 2008). The company’s target market rely very heavily on their primary groups; mainly friendship and virtual groups as was demonstrated in the case study via blogs and the mob mentality of the ‘vibe.’ In other words these contractual groups are affecting the consumers’ decision making process. • “A brand community can be defined as an enduring self-selected group of actors sharing a system of values, standards and representations (a culture) and recognizing bonds of membership with each other and with the whole.” (Wikipedia 2009) This was the case originally; as seen from the entities continuous growth, popularity and identification with its consumers. • Enculturation ‘the learning of one’s own culture’ (Schiffman et al. 2008, p360). The position of the ‘surfies.’ Acculturation ‘the learning of a new or foreign culture’ (Schiffman et

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