Consumer Buying Behavior of Hybrid Vehicles

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Table of Content Title 2 1.0 Introduction 2 1.1 Background of the Study 2 1.2 Problem Statement 2 1.3 Research Objectives 3 1.4 Significance of the Study 3 1.5 Scope of the Study 4 2.0 Literature Review 5 3.0 Research Methodology 7 3.1 Theoretical Framework 7 3.2 Generation of Hypothesis 7 4.0 Conclusion 8 Reference: 9 Title Factors that affect consumer purchase decision of hybrid vehicles (Green Vehicles) in Malaysia. Introduction 1 Background of the Study With the air pollution level rising day by day caused by the emission from conventional vehicles, many government bodies have put in effort to enforce emission control policy since the late of 1960, and it is becoming strict with the EURO committee…show more content…
b) What are the factors that support consumer into buying a hybrid vehicle? c) What are the factors that consumer worries about when purchasing a hybrid vehicle? 4 Significance of the Study This study into the factors that affect the buying decision of hybrid vehicles in Malaysia could project the trend and acceptance of hybrid vehicles here in Malaysia. With that information, local automobile makers can consider into developing our own hybrid vehicles to offer the local markets a broader choice, as well as to stay competitive in the market. Additionally, this will be a good catalyst to spark off “Go Green” concept into consumers’ mind that is beneficial to the restoration and perseverance of the environment. 5 Scope of the Study In this research, we will first take a general look and introduction into both the low pressure force induction technology and the hybrid technology further then compare and contrast the pros and cons in detail. With both concept understood, we will begin to focus on the trend of hybrid vehicles here in Malaysia, finding out the factors that support or deter the acceptance of hybrid vehicle through questionnaire aimed at hybrid owners and potential hybrid owners, from then we can know what are the main factors and concern of buyer upon making a decision for a hybrid vehicle, and then conclude what can be done to further

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