Consumer Buying Behavior on Two Wheelers

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BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AN EMPERICAL STUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR ON TWO WHLEERS. KIRUTHIKHA K Introduction: India is the second largest producer of the two-wheelers. The two wheeler segments contribute the largest volume amongst all the segments in automobile industry. The country stands next to China and Japan in terms of production and sales respectively. The industry is growing at 30 % annually. It consists of three segments viz. scooters, motorcycles and moped. Majority of Indians, especially the youngsters prefer motorbikes rather than cars. Capturing a large share in the two-wheeler industry, bikes and scooters cover a major segment. Bikes are considered to be the favorite among the youth generation, as they…show more content…
The favored specification is a stock adjustment model augmented by stochastic trend allow for changing customer preference over mode of transport. 22. Article is based on the offers information on the analysis of and forecast for the motorcycle industry in Great Britain 2012. It states that consumer interest in motorcycles will significantly dampen due to insurance cost and raising ownership rates coupled with an ageing population. 23. Dealernews has found the focuses on the percentage of motorcycles owners add accessories and replace parts of their bikes soon after purchasing. 24. Dealernews focused on the market condition of in and off road motorcycles in the U.S as of Apr 2004. Indicates for consumers interest in Motorcycles. 25. Irawan, M.Zudhy , Sumi, Tomonari has found the hypothesis that intra household interaction influences home departure time and mode choice of morning commute. Over 71% of vehicles on the road are motorcycle. 26. Schmitt, Genevieve discussed the factor considered by women when purchasing a bike. The author noted that most women are buying a new bike that can be modified to fit them physically. 27. Pande, Bhanu reports that Hero Honda the largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world celebrated 10 million motor cycles on India road as the company took a basic Honda club and redesigned it for Indian consumers. 28. The article presents an analysis of automobiles industry market of Vietnam for the time period between
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