Consumer Buying Motives

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CONSUMER BUYING MOTIVES There are five major buying motives: physical, psychological,rational, emotional, product, and patronage. Locate a magazinead that appeals to each of these different buying motives. Selecteach ad and fill out the table below. Put the Ads in order,according to your chart and staple to this sheet. Buying motive PhysicalEmotionalRationalPatronagePsychological prescribing motives and specific prescribing motives for aparticular indication, or type of patient.When prescribing a product, one, two, or three motives willnormally be enough to make the sale, if we have planned well andhave selected the correct motives. All of these motives have to besupported with plenty of proof from analyzing the product…show more content…
Thus, one might say that all buying motives are"Hybrids." Psychological buying motives Psychological factors include: Motives-- A motive is an internal energizing force that orients a person'sactivities toward satisfying a need or achieving a goal. Actions areeffected by a set of motives, not just one. If marketers canidentify motives then they can better develop a marketing mix.MASLOW hierarchy of needs!! o Physiological o Safety o Love and Belonging o Esteem o Self ActualizationNeed to determine what level of the hierarchy the consumers areat to determine what motivates their purchases. Handout...Nutriment Debunked... Nutriment, a product marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb originallywas targeted at consumers that needed to receive additionalenergy from their drinks after exercise etc., a fitness drink. It wastherefore targeted at consumers whose needs were for either love and Belonging or esteem . The product was not sellingwell, and was almost terminated. Upon extensive research it wasdetermined that the product did sell well in inner-city
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