Consumer Centric Model And Market Orientation

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Market orientation is an approach by a business or firm that focus on identifying and meeting customers wants and demands. There are many market orientation used by a firm or business such as production, product and sales orientations to make sure their business going in the right direction and to gain high profits. However, nowadays market orientation has evolved and change from the production, product and sales orientation to a marketing orientation which is their focus change to the customer. Customers are a main subject or actor in buying and selling process. They will be determined factor in the direction of the firm. This is because the main reason firm produce or make a product is to fulfil customer wants. The firm will not gain any revenue or profit if they fails to attract any customers to use their product. In the end they will make a loss and needs to close their business. Consumer-centric model is about to create customers love and keep the customers close to the firm. This essay will explain the meaning of consumer-centric model and the importance of consumer-centric approach in marketing. Besides, this essay also will include reasons of evolution of market orientation and lastly, how consumer-centric model works.
Every firm that very successful today have a very good and well-planned marketing planning and strategy. This is because through market planning and strategy firm will be able to know what happen next and what they are supposed to do. Marketing very
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