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The truck travels down the highway. In a refrigerated cabin, produce bounces in its crates. It's been several days, and there are still more to go before the vehicle reaches its final destination. By the time the food arrives, it's days old and has traveled more than most people. As it fills the store shelves, the harsh white rays of the supermarket lights reflect off its pesticide coated surface. There has been an awakening. Every day, more and more people demand fresher produce from providers and are frustrated with the wasteful industrial cycle used to produce their food. Consumers are ready for change and are anxious to commit their part. Consumers can change the environment for the better if they move to support local farms and…show more content…
Produce travels all over the country and the world before it ends up on grocery store shelves, contributing greatly to the carbon emissions in the world's atmosphere. Because farmers' markets buy local, transportation emissions are greatly reduced, as the food doesn't travel nearly as far before it reaches its final destination. Furthermore, consumers can support their environment by encouraging store owners to purchase from sustainable providers. Many communities have "Buy Local" movements that exist to pressure communities and companies to buy local, and joining these movements organizes people's voices together to push grocers into going local. Other consumers have moved to purchasing only from locally sourced outlets, not purchasing from retailers that import their produce. Groups and individuals are also calling vendors directly and explaining to them the cost benefits of switching to locally sourced produce. The shorter distance between local farms and grocery stores not only keeps emissions down but is much cheaper to transport. Many corporations have already caught onto the message and are starting to go local. In 2008, Walmart announced that it had begun partnering with local farms to source more local fruits and vegetables, saying, "Offering local produce has been a Walmart priority for years, and we're taking it to a new level will our pledge to grow our partnerships with local farmers. We're committed
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