Consumer Consumption Essay

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Are You What You Buy?

As a society we are embedded in a culture of consumption. Consumerism brings out a passion in people to have things, be it objects or services that will make them feel better. This "passion" becomes a powerful force that makes people make some unwise decisions in their life. The money consumers spend on these goods could be going to the ever-surmounting needs for health care, poverty help, or other things that would help the society as a whole. This is why America is the prime example of a capitalistic consumer society and not a socialistic country. People want things for themselves before anyone else. All cultures need consumerism to survive, because we need food, shelter, and clothing and the last time I checked
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From my experience, and especially one I can remember from my childhood, playing on my middle schools basketball team where all of us wanted to wear the exact same pair of black Air Jordan's with black Jordan socks. I had already bought some shoes but as soon as the season was approaching and the new edition came out we were all obsessing with having them, especially since our best player on the team had just got a pair. After a few days of constantly asking my parents gave in and I was ecstatic. My favorite part about getting new shoes was going to the store and looking at all the shoes on the wall but knowing that I was getting the best and most expensive pair. "Kids can recognize logos by eighteen months, and before reaching their second birthday, they're asking for products by brand name. By three and a half, experts say children start to believe that brands communicate their personal qualities…"( W109R 43).The next day was great and although not everyone could afford the shoes everyone who started that year did have the all black Air Jordan's and we looked great.
Consumption can also be looked at in the form of the store and how its design and the feelings their designs are meant to generate. At the top of the store group are
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