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Marina Souza ICS 392: Consumer Culture - Hildebrand 10/29/2016 Assignment #2: Consumer Culture Film Analysis – Wall-E In short words, Wall-E is the story of a robot who was designed to clean up an extremely polluted Planet Earth. This animated movie has a much larger meaning than expected – it explains what can happen to our planet if we keep consuming the way we do. As indicated by the movie, big corporations and greedy consumers destroyed our ecosystem. A planet that was full of nature, water, fuels, animals and vegetation along with many other things simply vanished because of a society that consumed too much. It is a pretty scary thought to watch this movie and think about how we are on a process of doing the exact same thing. With a huge market of major retailers in the world consuming more than necessary is easier and easier each day. Consumer culture today is thriving – but not necessarily in a good way. As consumer culture thrives, we have desires for products and services. Consumer spending is a major part of a country’s/world’s economy and that makes the economy strong but the aftermath is an unsustainable lifestyle. Although, Wall-E didn’t indicate exactly what caused consumers to destroy the planet and then flee for the sake of human survival, there are many guesses that can be made as to how it happened. One of the major points made in class during week eight was the fact that the world is becoming overpopulated. This major issue can possibly be

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