Consumer Culture in Modern Europe

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Consumer Culture in Modern Europe Consumer Culture in Modern Europe Nazi Chic, Fashioning Women in the Third Reich written by Irene Guenther's is one of the finest books of all time. This book on fashion was written during National Socialist regime by the author. It is the first book written in English that deals with German fashion during and after the World War one. Many consider this book as a jewel for those who are interested in women and aesthetic politics during the period of National Socialism. The topic of the book was not discussed openly in the public at the time of its release but the author managed to give convincing facts on the importance of modern fashion in the Nazi state by credibly arguing on its political and economic importance. "The book tries to tell us about the failed attempt of Nazis to formulate female image for gender policies and to prove their pride and success in the fashion industry of Europe so that they could establish its control on the fashion industry and portray modernization of women in Germany which unfortunately was not the case." The positive aspect of this book and the reason why people seem to like reading it was because the author has supported her statement with appropriate proofs and evidence. The author has written this book with ultimate devotion and in great depth from the First World War to the Second World War by including and sighting confidential matters for some of her chapters. It was a very informative and great
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