Consumer Decision Making : Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Decision Making Process
To determine what products to produce companies must first understand why consumers buy the items they buy, or determine their interest and necessities, this understanding is gained from analyzing consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is defined as the process by which individuals search for, select, purchase, use, and dispose of goods and services, in satisfaction of their needs and wants (2017). To understand how to target their market consumers Nighthawk Motor’s needs to analyze the factors associated with consumer behavior. Research services describe five important consumer behavior factors as; marketing campaigns, economic conditions, personal preferences, group influence, and purchasing power (N.D.).
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By Nighthawk Motor’s implementing social media into their marketing campaign, they could utilize this platform to launch its teaser for the new Ecostar model.
Emotions influence a consumer’s decision to buy from advertising and appealing to its target market. Thus, why it has been determined that it is necessary to have a strong marketing campaign. Advertising has the power to trigger the emotions of consumers. It allows them to personalize the product. “From the earliest of early adopters in 2000 to the most recent of mainstream hybrid buyers, the percentage of hybrid owners who express being “very happy” or “somewhat happy” with their hybrids has hovered near 100 percent” (2006). Products that make the consumer feel happy essentially encourage the desire to purchase. Sometimes emotions cause consumers to impulse shop and disregard price tags, which positively impacts companies. Products that cause consumers to feel like they need them, or are missing something without the product tend to trigger emotions of desire. Because individuals care what people think of them in our society, the feeling of not fitting in, or not being liked is important. Consequently, these emotions surface into the consumer’s decision to buy. Therefore, name brands are popular amongst our society, and possessing items that are well known are important. “Emotions are the primary reason why consumers prefer brand name products. After all,
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