Consumer Decision Making Process

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1.0 Introduction This piece of work is about consumer behavior on electric vehicle which included the five stages of consumer decision making process such as Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation on Alternative, Purchase Decision, and Post-purchase decision. Lastly, the five different concepts which made up by social cultural factors and individual factors.

2.0 Five Stages of Consumer Decision Making Process
2.1 Need Recognition A problem is recognized when consumer found out a difference between the actual state and a desired state (Consumer Behave, 2011). For instance, Joel, a salesperson, recognized that his car is due to maintenance and cost of fuel is getting higher. The price of RON97 petrol increased
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For instance, green marketer should position the EV as an environmental friendly and how it could benefit the consumer and environment or position it in terms of quality, price and place.

3.2 Designing Persuasive Message
The message is the thought, idea, attitude, image, or other information that the sender wishes to convey to the intended audience (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010). Consumer may be attracted by the message due to it is simple and straight forward. They wish to gain some information through the message instead of looking at the image (Perner, 2008). Moreover, through the verbal and nonverbal form, it can tell the consumer about the benefit of the car. Thus, the advertisement must be written extensively on clear, and easy to understand data communication. For instance, the benefit of purchasing an EV, low operation cost, zero emission, and the distance it can travel compared with others (Autoblog, 2011). Refer to appendix 1.0

3.3 Product Positioning
Product positioning is the consumer perception of a product compared to its competition (Lake, 2011). Consumer may affected by the product positioning while making decision due to they will compare the technology, price, features, benefits, etc with other type of vehicle. Besides, this concept will help consumer to determine the differences of the product (Ries &Trout, 2011). Thus, marketer has to effectively differentiate the EV compared with others and stress on the
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