Consumer Decision Making Process

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End of Module Assignment Module: M020LON Buyer Behaviour Analysis-1011OCT Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Economic views 3 2.1 Characteristics 3 2.2Extensive problem solving and perception 3 2.3 Consumers accept satisfactory decision 3 2.4 Motivation 3 2.5 Physiological field 4 2.6 Implication for marketers 4 3 Passive view 4 3.1 Characteristics 4 3.2 Arguments 4 4. Emotional view 5 4. 1 Characteristics 5 4.2 Consumer decision making process 5 4.3 Offers for emotional view 5 4.4 Implication 5 4.5 Effective Communication 5 5. Cognitive view 6 5.1 Characteristics and decision making 6 5.2 Relevance 6 5.3 Cross-culture…show more content…
3.2 Arguments However, passive view has also been criticized for failing to recognize that consumer plays a equal role, consumers decision-making is influenced by their psychological factors such as motivation, perception, learning, and attitudes, consumers. Besides, consumer decision-model illustrates that consumers evaluate alternatives before purchasing decisions are being made. Further, a passive view fails to recognize that decision-making can be influenced by one’s mood or emotional the moment. Hence, a passive view is argued an unrealistic view (Schiffman, 2010). 3.3 4. Emotional view 4. 1 Characteristics Consumer decision making of emotional view is associated with consumer’s emotion and feelings towards products and services. It is often related to consumers past memorable events, for example, if a motional person lost a ring that was a present from his or her pass-away grandparents, he would not neither to evaluate alternatives or accept other rings offered by marketers, he would like to buy the resembled one with favorable possession, these people fall into this category. 4.2 Consumer decision making process When considering Decision making process under this view, these procession and experience consumers means that they are unlikely to go through the whole information research process again, rather, they make decision depending on how they feel. Research has
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