Consumer Decision Making Process : Marketing Management

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Consumer Decision Making Process Marketing executives need to understand what consumers want and that the product and services they want are constantly changing. Having a real understanding of consumer behavior will be crucial to a company’s success. Consumer behavior describes the reasons why consumers decide to purchase certain items and how they use and dispose of these products and services they have just purchased. This study also includes the outside factors that can also influence purchasing decisions. There are five steps that consumers follow when buying products and it’s called the consumer decision making process.
The consumer decision making process deals with need recognition, information search, and evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase behavior. Marketers use these five steps as a guide to study the way consumers, in their target market, make decisions. Marketing managers have realized over the years that consumers’ decisions usually don’t follow all these steps in order. Consumer behavior will always be a critical aspect to a company’s marketing plan because when understanding it, marketers will create a proper marketing mix and a more precise target market for the marketing plan. The consumer decision making process begins with need recognition, which is when an internal and or external stimulus affects any one of the five consumer’s senses. An example of an internal stimulus occurring is when you experience thirst or hunger. This step
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