Consumer Determinants Are The Factors That Impact The Patient 's Choice Of Health Care Providers

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Consumer determinants are the factors that impact the patient’s choice of health care providers, understanding that they may be willing to travel some distance if there are not acceptable options available within their geographic location. The market/organizational determinants are the services that will be provided in order to attract patients to the healthcare provider. If the intention was to attract a single patient, the organization could develop a set of services and structures to perfectly align with the patient’s needs. Considering the goal is to build an organization that will attract as many available patients in the region as possible, they must devise strategies that intersect with the preferences of the patient population…show more content…
The economic make-up of the community, available in census data, may also have some impact on pricing decisions, however costs along and payment agreements will also be considered.
The next category of determinants is not based on data that is regularly tracked and easy to maintain, instead the items in the consumer preference and opinions section rely on the perception of the community about the organization. In selecting a health care provider, consumers consider preferred image, brand predisposition, personal and social values and past experiences. This combination of factors may be called the organization’s image in the community. Many hospitals have an association with a religious denomination, which can also impact the way consumers view the personal and social values of the organization. Understanding the impression of the organization in the region will allow the healthcare provider to understand the gap between their current state and their desired level of customer service, including friendliness, caring and wait times as well as perceived safety and ease of use of their facilities. Within this category the organization must have an honest analysis of its current state. In developing an a true picture of the perception of the organization within the community, there will need to be surveys, focus groups and other tools that can allow the capture of opinions and stories from the community. The healthcare provider may want to employ
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