Consumer Experience At Green Island 's Rummage Shop And Recycling Centre Essay

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Consumer experience is resultant of an interactive relationship between a customer and an establishment. It is created via the business and its employees, the consumers themselves and other contributing factors (Verhoef et al., 2009). In order to understand consumption experience, we visited the Green Island’s Rummage Shop and Recycling Centre. This establishment is, for the most part, a recycling station and second-hand store containing items that have been extracted from what is brought to the dump, then cleaned in order to be sold on to customers. At the Rummage Shop, we informally interviewed over a dozen people who we thought could provide insight on consumer experience at Green Island. We then analysed these findings, as well as reflecting on our own consumption experience at this place. Social and cultural influence was the main consumer behaviour theory we applied when discussing how consumer’s experience Green Island Rummage Shop and Recycling Centre. We discussed their consumption experience here in terms of why consumers consume in a recycling-based environment, their consumption choices and their perceptions on the consumption experience at Green Island.

Cultural and social norms are constantly evolving in today’s consumer environment, thus influencing the consumption experience (Arnould & Thompson, 2005). The Green Island consumer experience has been greatly influenced by the fact that current culture encourages recycling and sustainability. A cultural

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