Consumer Feelings Towards Environmentally Friendly Clothing

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Consumers and Ecofashion Raven Corletto-Juarez Family and Consumers 380 Spring, 2015 Table of Contents Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Review of Literature 3 Eco-Friendly Apparel Consumption and Cost 3 Consumer Awareness of the Environmental Issues Caused by the Apparel Industry 3 Fashion Conscious Consumers and Conformity towards Eco-Friendly Fashion 4 Human Ecological Theory 5 Methods 7 Study of Consumers Feelings towards Eco-Friendly Clothing 7 Operationalization of Variables 7 Sample Selection 7 Analysis 7 Survey on Consumers Feelings toward Environmentally Friendly Clothing 8 Results 9 Univariate Demographic Analysis 9 Univariate Research Analysis 9 Bivariate Research Analysis 10 Qualitative Research Analysis 11 Conclusions 12 References 14 Abstract The purpose behind this study was to examine consumer feelings towards purchasing environmentally friendly clothing. This study focuses on the consumers feelings towards environmentally friendly clothing. To evaluate this, a survey was administered to 15 respondents, 7 of which were a random sample of students in Sequoia Hall at CSUN and 8 of which were randomly selected consumers shopping on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, California. They were asked how likely they are to purchase environmentally friendly clothing (mean of 4.73). A larger percentage of
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