Consumer Issues

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The night of the presentation I was nervous. At the end of the presentation I was very happy with the results. Some of my group members recommended that I give more eye contact when presenting. One of the members said half of my body was turned towards the class as the other half was turned towards looking at slides. One important critique from students was I did not introduce myself. Like the professor said in a business situation you want everyone to know your name and your competence. I also liked that the professor said think news broadcast’s rather than magazines. Another critique from students was I did not have enough eye contact. Eye contact is very important in the business world. I would like to improve on my consistency. During the presentation I was giving eye contact and then I was looking at the slides and was not. I would like to be more consistent in the future so my presentations can come off more effective to the audience. The professor mentioned I did not address the question of “would I want to be an employee”? I felt this was an important piece of information that I left out. Another critique was I did not explain any career paths in depth. Giving career paths could have made my presentation more affective. I felt giving that information would have intrigued the crowd. It is also important because you are not only listing the job titles and
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